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One of the best ways to put your best foot forward when meeting someone is showing off your beautiful white smile. However, whether due to certain habits or aging, you might be unsatisfied with the look of your teeth. While over-the-counter treatments often work, they might take too long or not perform well enough, which is why we provide fast and easy professional whitening.

What is a Professional Teeth Whitening?

The main difference between a professional teeth whitening and treatments you can pick up at the local store is the concentration of the bleaching gel. Since our cosmetic treatments are professionally monitored, the concentration we use is a lot higher, which will brighten your teeth by numerous shades in just one visit. We also use a special UV light directed at your teeth to speed up the bleaching process.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration and Stains?

Tooth discoloration is often a natural part of the aging process, but there are also some other factors that can contribute to teeth not being as white as you’d prefer. Some of these include:

  • Coffee, wine, and soda

  • Poor dental hygiene

  • Some medications

  • Cigarettes and tobacco

What are the Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening?

Besides the benefits of getting a brighter smile, there are also multiple advantages that make a professional whitening better than treatments you can complete at home.

  • Less sensitivity

  • More drastic improvement

  • Results in only one visit

  • Improved self-confidence

Looking for Teeth Whitening in Ocala, FL?

We want you to be proud to show off your bright new teeth. Our professional whitening services are sure to make you smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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